Medical Software

Making patient data available immediately

As in all sectors, IT is an essential part of the healthcare industry. Hospitals, general practitioners, dentists and, increasingly, patients themselves encounter specific IT systems in healthcare. Each of these systems often contains unique information which creates a need to exchange medical data between different systems. Our experience in the healthcare industry has taught us that there is much room for improvement in this sector!

Process optimization in hospitals

Hospitals often use a number of different systems, such as EHR (Electronic Health Record), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), and patient portals. With the EHR being the central system, an integration issue arises: how is all data, such as lab results and (x-ray) images, collected and stored in the EHR? And how is this data made available to the patient? Interoperability is imperative but not common yet.

Data exchange between healthcare institutions

The interoperability issue becomes even more important when healthcare institutions need to work together. In today's healthcare system, patients are no longer always treated in one hospital. This makes secure data exchanges between different hospitals crucial. The problem is that different types of medical software are by no means always able to communicate and international standards are often not supported. An advantage of linking systems through international standards is that it facilitates the exchange of data with e.g. primary care providers such as general practitioners. 

The data exchange is not only hampered by technical challenges. Other challenges might include:

  • Ensuring that patients have control over their medical data;
  • knowing where your data is stored;
  • and deciding if all data should be decentralized with individual healthcare providers.

We make data exchange possible

We have experience in developing software for medical data exchange. We are familiar with international standards such as XDS, IHE, DICOM, and FHIR. The sensitive exchange of data also fits well with our corporate identity: we take security & privacy very seriously in the development of our solutions. We have a lot of experience in building integrations between different IT systems and we have knowledge of decentralized data networks and digital permission.

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