Graduation project Development AI Enablement Service (Team Apps)

time    32 - 40 hours          study   hbo/wo          loc   Arnhem




Our team is committed to developing and implementing apps specifically for Atlassian and ecosystems. Our cheesy tagline is: Apps that fill gaps. We focus on adding missing functionality in products like Jira, Confluence and


At Avisi Apps, we have a range of apps that constantly evolve based on customer feedback and our own vision. We want to be able to easily add AI enabled features to these apps, supported by an AI-powered language model, such as Falcon. Use cases include:


  • Generating summary information for extensive data structures
  • Ask (in context) help questions
  • Suggestions in input fields, for example, when a user enters 1,2,3... the response is 4...?


Screenshot voor afstudeervacature team apps chat GPT



Role summary.

You will be responsible for implementing and deploying an AI enablement service for all our apps!
You will:

  • Evaluate AI language models and select the best option;
  • Explore possible use cases and test them;
  • Research the requirements for deploying and running such a model, including the cost aspect;
  • Deploy the model;
  • Develop a simplified API or SDK that can help our app developers quickly integrate AI functionality into our apps.
    If you have time:
  • Implement one or more features in one or more of our apps as the ultimate proof of your solution.

    In case you’re wondering: Why not use the Chat GPT API and integrate it with our apps? The answer is that our customers would not be happy if we sent their data out on the internet. For compliance reasons, we need to keep things local.



Your technical interests.


  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • (Functional) programming
  • Cloud infrastructure and deployment

Our programming language of choice is Clojure/ClojureScript. We host our apps on Google Cloud and use Spacelift / Terraform to deploy our infrastructural components. As a graduate intern, we don't expect you to be an expert at all the techniques mentioned above. However, some experience would be nice!



This is you.

You are a fourth-year student in the field of software development.

Has this internship piqued your interest? Apply now and motivate why you should be part of our team!



Your team.

You will mainly work closely with your buddy but also with the rest of our team. We highly value creativity, and as part of our team, you will enjoy a lot of freedom and fun activities. The team consists of a Team Lead, several Software Engineers, a Product Designer, a Product Owner/ Product Manager and a Marketer. When we release an update, we like to celebrate with a beer!




This is what you get from us.

  • Vertrouwen
    One-to-one coaching
    You will get your own buddy who has a lot of experience in the field, and you will meet weekly to spar.
  • Ideeen (1)
    Impactful internship assignment
    We will give you an assignment where you can learn a lot and that is really valuable for Avisi.
  • icon-groei
    Job prospects
    Many of our colleagues started as students. Will you be next?
  • Locatie (1)
    Our office is located next to the train station with a stunning view of Arnhem.
  • Vergoeding
    Internship allowance
    You will get a monthly internship allowance of €400,-.
  • Innovatie
    Opportunities to learn in-depth
    Your internship will give you the opportunity to learn more about topics that you are passionate about. You will also have the chance to discover your talents!
The application process

Step 1


Great! You have applied and taken the first step. You will receive a response about the further procedure within 5 working days.

Ideeen (1)

Step 2


You have been invited for your first interview. Exciting! During this conversation, we would like to get to know you better, discuss your interests, and answer any questions you may have.


Step 3


Are we both excited? Yes, we have a match! After the approval of your school, we will draw up an agreement with you.


Step 4

First day of internship

You will receive a welcome presentation, lunch is arranged for you, and you will have your own buddy. We want you to start as relaxed as possible, because a good start is half the work. We will end your first day with a new employee's party, especially for you. Welcome aboard!

Questions about this job opening?

Hi! I'm Ilona, Talent Advisor at Avisi. You can come to me with any questions you have. What do you want to know?



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