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Succesful software

Successful software requires more than just good programming. Next to a good idea to start with, you need marketing, sales etc. But that is not where I am going today. The thing you need most is patience.

The list of succesful software that hits the top of the download charts at day 1 is very short. If you are not on that short list, you need patience. You need to work your way up from version 1.0 and establish a release history. You must get to know your target audience and learn to listen to them. You must show that your support is good and steady over time. You must prove that you have a vision, that your product is going somewhere.

In this context I am proud to announce that very soon the Numbered Headings plugin for Confluence will hit the 10.000 downloads mark. It's free, we are not making any money with it and it took some investment to get it going. The profit for us however is that we have learned a lot from it and mostly learned to hang in there and be patient. We know what works and what doesn't work. This time it was small. Now we are on to a slightly bigger adventure. I will keep you posted. Just keep an eye on the blogposts the coming months.