Kennis Software projects don't end at launch

Software projects don't end at launch

Unfortunately some things don't change fast enough in software development. Still today, the scope of a software project (for everyone involved) is too often limited to delivering requirements before a certain deadline, within budget and then transferring the whole thing to whoever will be responsible for the hosting and/or maintenance. There's a big launch party, everyone celebrates and then goes home happy..

In reality however the real challenge begins when the software is being used by real users, in a production environment. Only then will you discover the challenges you face:

  • Users didn't get exactly what they expected
  • They find bugs and encounter performance issues
  • Some things should be changed but there is very little budget left over
  • No one feels responsible for these issues...

But there's a better way

When you start a software project, always design and plan with the End in mind - software being used by real users, in a production environment. Make sure the people that will be responsible for functional maintenance are designated and involved early so they're ready from the get-go. Determine a reasonable budget for both technical and functional changes. And make sure you choose IT partners that will support you through the growing pains relating to the implementation of the new software in your organization.

And then there's a whole other level

Consider finding an experienced IT company you can trust - with which you can establish a real partnership. Imagine your IT partner actually feeling responsible for both the development and the continuing hosting and maintenance of your software... To begin with, there's a good chance the product itself would be better since no one wants to be responsible for maintaining low quality software.

And really, who better than the actual makers of the software, to offer the kind of support, performance and availability guaranties (Service Level Agreements) you need? You should expect nothing less than a dedicated support team, assembled and implicated long before launch, to assist you with the initial implementation of the software and to accompany you for the long term.

The beauty of a true partnership is that it allows for long term planning. Continuous releases are planned in collaboration, in a completely transparent way, making the whole process predictable - including costs.

Transparency is the key to such a partnership; everyone should always know what's going on. So make sure to get extensive monthly reports on availability, support issues, software changes and problem resolution.

Avisi Managed Services (AMS)

That is our vision of custom software. A partnership: a transparent, long term, mutually beneficial relationship with clients.