Kennis ASAS2012 - A Success in the making!

ASAS2012 - A Success in the making!

Organising a symposium isn't something we do every day. Yes, we do regularly organise other happenings, like Techdays, Breakfast meetings or staff parties, but those are much smaller events in comparison.

Therefore, it was a very pleasant surprise for everyone involved (both internally and externally) to see just how positively people reacted!

Preparations for the Agile Software Architecture Symposium 2012 started several months ago already and it's really nice to see that we're all as energetic and enthusiastic as we were at the very beginning.

Nerds, maybe, but social nerds
Most of the time, the typical IT office is depicted as a bunch of cubicles filled with isolated and introverted geeks (I know, so cliché!). Ours is not your typical IT office to begin with, but with this event on the horizon, everybody started actively reaching out to all the software architects, software engineers and agile fans they knew. Invitations where sent by e-mail, through social networks, on the phone or face-to-face... And low and behold, the office progressively transformed itself into a sort of social beehive!

The implication by everyone has been fantastic! We can see a very real potential for all of our efforts to help initiate a dynamic network based on a common interest in agile architecture. And what's more, all that activity actually resulted in more registrations for the event than we could have hoped for!!

So, are you coming!?
All that being said, there's only 3 weeks left until the Agile Software Architecture Symposium 2012! The event is already on the verge of being fully booked! (there are only 10 seats available as of this posting)

So please don't wait too long if you want to join! And if you want to cancel, please let us know in advance so someone else can take your place.

We will continue doing our very best to make sure the symposium is a great success. The ambition, enthusiasm and drive of everyone is really amazing and we're convinced the speakers, guests, location and of course you, the attendees, will all contribute to make this a great event and perhaps the start of something special!

Hope to see you September 19, 2012!

Haven't registered yet? Hurry! Only a few tickets available..