Kennis Fun and Teamwork!

Fun and Teamwork!

Quality software, qualified personel, staying up to date with the newest technologies, delivering better and faster, always learning, always improving, always striving to making better software... Those are just some of the things Avisi stands for. If you've been reading this blog at all, you would know these things are an important part of our lives!

But what about the human factor? Maybe that's not adressed in these pages enough... But man is it important!

We think that when people have fun doing what they do, they achieve the most. Not only do they perform on a high level, but they are truly happy to come to work every day. And that happiness contributes immensely to the kind of atmosphere people really want to be apart of, for every day of the week, twelve months out of the year...

We don't think a developer should get promoted to project manager in order to get a raise. Because your best software engineers don't necessarily want to be project managers. Maybe they wouldn't enjoy that role at all. Or maybe they're just not suited for it, since the role requires a very different skill set. We choose to talk about those things regularly to make sure people are doing what they have fun doing and that they keep growing too.

Another thing is that there is no 'i' in 'performance'. In software, only a great team can achieve great results. And great teams are made up of skilled individuals, of course, but you also need to look at the human aspect. For the long term, only people who get along well can produce great work consistently  That's why we don't want to become too big, because we find the following things important:

  1. Knowing your colleagues ( first name and last)
  2. Knowing about their partners
  3. Knowing about their children
  4. Knowing where they live
  5. Knowing their hobbies
  6. Understanding their sense of humor
  7. Drinking coffee and eating cake together (as much as possible ;-) )
  8. Having a beer and doing something out of the office once in a while

In other words, as a team, get to know eachother. We all work hard on our technical skills but we definitely shouldn't forget to look beyond them. Because in the end, that might be the most important thing for the dynamic at work and for the quality of what you produce: form teams of happy people doing what they enjoy doing, together.