Kennis Mitchel Kuijpers on testing frameworks

Mitchel Kuijpers on testing frameworks

A couple of interns started work at Avisi recently. Everyone of them is working on an interesting assignment. We will introduce them in the coming weeks on the blog. Today we are featuring Mitchel Kuijpers. Our testing framework is based on Selenium/webdriver and uses SauceLabs for execution. It's a typical code first solution. Mitchel's job is to transform it to a behavior driven framework.

We have the philosophy that all testing in agile development should be automated as much as possible. We actually feel that the goal should be 100%. At the present, all tests are expressed in Java code. While there is really nothing wrong with that, the test sources are hard to read, let alone change, by (acceptance) testers. Mitchel will change the implementation from code first to spec first, using an existing Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework.

The requirements

  • Test scripts must be easily viewable and editable for (acceptance) testers in Confluence.
  • Test scripts must be linkable to the requirements
  • Tests and test suites must be executable
  • Quick roundtrip for changes (showing actual test execution results)
  • Test and test suites must be versionable
  • Makes use of Saucelabs for test execution

Mitchel is currently looking at Cucumber and Concordion. If you have pointers for him or questions about his progress let him know!

Mitchel is in his mid twenties, still a student, owns a sterilized rabbit and has a girl friend. His current state can be considered 'stabiel'.