Kennis Using gitflow and still merge often

Using gitflow and still merge often

Some people oppose to the idea of using gitflow because it conflicts with what Martin Fowler says:

“In practice it’s often useful if developers commit more frequently than that. The more frequently you commit, the less places you have to look for conflict errors, and the more rapidly you fix conflicts.”

It is usually a good idea to listen to what Martin Fowler thinks and I tend to like gitflow. At first it looks like I have to pick sides, but it seems there is a way to cheat and do both: Using Bamboo and specifically a feature called plan branches.

With plan branches changes from a feature branch can be automatically merged back to the "master" (e.g. trunk, default or mainline branch) when the build succeeds.


You can automatically merge changes from the team's master branch into your feature branch, after a successful build of the master branch.

This gives you more frequent integration while you can still use gitflow. But it still does not give you an excuse to hide on a branch for too long.