Avisi and Atlassian

Our love story

Avisi embraced agile development processes at an early stage. We started looking for software tools to support this way of working and to be able to collaborate with customers in a transparent manner in 2007. Atlassian software met our wishes best. Under the leadership of Sander Brienen, Gert-Jan van der Streek and Yanne Veronneau, we implemented the entire Atlassian stack.

The results were apparent: a better overview of our tasks, a more efficient development process, improved information sharing, and customer involvement. The enthusiasm about the Atlassian software grew to such an extent that we started helping our customers implement this software too. Since 2009, the year that we officially became an Atlassian Solution Partner, the team has grown to several dozen consultants and developers, with Yanne and Sander being part of the consultancy team and Gert-Jan taking charge of the add-on development team.

Technical and functional knowledge in one team

Our multi-disciplinary consultancy team is made up of consultants with different backgrounds. Our business consultants have backgrounds as product owners, agile project managers or test consultants. What they have in common is in-depth knowledge of development processes in general and Atlassian software in particular. As a result, they know how to get the most out of the tooling and adapt it to customer processes.

Many of our technical consultants have a background in software engineering or DevOps. They can perform, merge and update Atlassian software applications optimally. In addition, they are able to write scripts/apps to customize the application to specific customer wishes within the Atlassian software.

This mix of functional consultants, technical consultants, and DevOps engineers enables us to tackle all of your challenges.

Agile, DevOps, ITSM and efficient collaboration

The different backgrounds within our Atlassian team ensure a broad knowledge in the field of IT processes. In addition to implementing and managing Atlassian software, we also have the knowledge to support and advise you in the field of Agile, DevOps and ITSM best practices. We can also advise you on effective and efficient team collaboration.

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