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Innovation is one of our core values. We love to challenge ourselves to continuously improve the software solutions that we develop for our customers. We encourage our teams to explore new ways in which developed software can deliver even more value. To stimulate this way of thinking, we have established a team focused on innovation: Avisi Labs.

Avisi Labs combines the knowledge of all our different development teams. We use our Technology Radar to gather insights into the different types of technology that are being used. This enables teams to help each other to the benefit of our customers: all knowledge at Avisi is structured and at your disposal.

software innovation


Avisi Labs actively researches - and builds software using - new innovative techniques. We have used Blockchain technology to develop an investment app for Robeco, we delve into artificial intelligence (AI) and we visualize our software architecture using augmented reality (AR).

software innovation


We know we're good at developing valuable software for our customers. We also know that we don't know everything, so we establish partnerships with innovative parties in this exciting market. An example? We've partnered up with Axionomic to develop Blockchain solutions.


Knowledge sharing

We are passionate about learning and knowledge. Our internal knowledge sharing is aimed at being able to make better decisions across projects and to be less susceptible to errors. With our external knowledge sharing, we reach tech students, professional and enthusiasts which leads to new insights and improvements to our own process and choices. We write blogs and organize Techdays, Tosti Talks, and internal Show-and-tells.

We have created a format for knowledge sharing about specific topics. These so-called Guilds not only create a structured way of knowledge sharing but they also offer the possibility of following topic-related courses and working on projects and goals together.

As tech enthusiasts, we are passionate about sharing knowledge. To stimulate the tech community to learn & share, we host monthly Techdays at our office in Arnhem. Click here to see upcoming events and sign up! Techdays are free of charge and open to everyone interested in that month's topic. Snacks, beers/drinks, and dinner are on us!

Technological choices

Avisi Labs has developed a Technology Radar. This application supports our teams in making good and informed technical decisions, providing our customers with optimum software products that support them in carrying out daily processes. Avisi Labs also coordinates short processes for customers, such as Software Requirements Workshops, Software Quality Assessments, and Proofs of Concept.

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