Kennis Eurostar 2011 - Interesting Books, software and websites

Eurostar 2011 - Interesting Books, software and websites

Last week we attended all Eurostar 2011 keynotes and many presentations (tracks). We came back home with lots of useful information!

Most of it we already shared in our previous Eurostar 2011 blogs:

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  • Day 3 at Eurostar 2011 (Manchester England)

Besides all that though, we also got some great tips about books, websites and software. We thought we'd share those too...


  • Achieving Software Quality through Teamwork, Isabel Evans,  2004, [buy]
  • Dimensions of quality, Graham Gibbs, 2010,  [view online]
  • Basic Change method, Ben Tiggelaar, 2003, [Dutch only]
  • Truth about change management, William S. Kane, 2008


  •  IT news, information and analysis
  •  National Institute of Standards and Technology


  • Crawljax is an open source Java tool for automatic crawling and testing of modern (Ajax) web applications.
  • Dom Monster s a cross-platform/browser bookmarklet that analyzes the DOM  and other page features, and give you a bill of health.
  • Twist allows the functional behavior of a product to be expressed in plain text.

Did you happen to catch the names of more interesting books, websites or software during Eurostar 2011? We'd love to hear about them... If you have other suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments section. We want to know it all!

If you already read the books, checked out the websites or tried the software, please tell us about them and if it had an impact on your day-to-day testing experience...?