Kennis Avisi in Motion.. Graphics

Avisi in Motion.. Graphics

The software business is certainly a complex one. No two companies do exactly the same thing, work the same way or use the same technologies or methods.

Therefore, it can be difficult to explain what we do here at Avisi, let alone how we do it and what differentiates us…  That's why we needed to find a way to give people a clear impression of who we are, what we do and how - without writing a novel about it. So we set out to create a couple of short animations that we hoped would do just that...

We first created an animated signature that could be used for all future video documents. Then we made 3 animations, one for each of our major services categories (or pillars as we call them): Java / ITQ / Atlassian. These animations will soon be placed on the corresponding pages of our website.

The signature

The symbolic behind this animation centers around the idea that Avisi teams master the art of making the extremely complex simple. We also wanted to introduce some of Avisi's key values and particular characteristics here such as transparency, dynamism, quality, perspective and vision.

In IT, Electronic music is usually the standard, but we choose a soundtrack that was somewhat organic and a bit funky even because that represents us more... We are real people and we like to have fun.

Java / ITQ / Atlassian

For each of the 3 pillars, we wanted to introduce the service/product categories so potential clients could really get a feel for what we have to offer and what they can expect when they do business with us.

As for the signature, it was important for us that the graphic presentation imply the values and specific characteristics stated previously.

For these animations, we also chose a funky soundtrack because we felt it made the animations more dynamic, friendlier and well… more like us.


Java is the banner under which Avisi creates and maintains custom software for clients. The main message we wanted to relay here is that Avisi is really a client's IT partner rather than a simple service provider. We always aim to build long term relationships with clients, and these are based on transparency and placing the client in control.

We also wanted to make it clear that we aim to accompany the client throughout the entire project lifecycle - from the very beginning, to long term maintenance and support.


ITQ is the entity under which we offer IT companies & departments consultancy and audit services in order to better their technologies and procedures or fix and prevent problems. The main message here is that we have the experience and that we can help.

We also wanted to make clear that what we offer can be beneficial to everybody on the production line (not a witch hunt).


As Atlassian experts, we needed to give an impression of the range of services we offer, our general philosophy and give an idea of how we do things.

We also wanted to stress how our experience and contact network can result in a beter system for less money.


The animations were very well received by Avisi employees and now we're very curious to see how other people react... Please, leave your comments in the comment sections!

The animations were made by Nick Olijslager and I over the course of the winter (It never ceases to amaze me how many hours it takes to animate just a few seconds). Nick is a great motion designer with a bright future that elected to do his final internship here with us.

Unfortunately, he will be leaving us shortly as he got a job in an advertisement bureau (thanks in part to these animations). We're very happy for him though. He did fantastic work here and we wish him the best of luck!