Development of platform during corona crisis 

Type of assignment: Platform development
Client: AmbulanceNL

We are in the midst of the corona crisis and the challenges that face our healthcare sector faces are enormous. One of the concerns is the limited number of intensive care beds and ventilation equipment. The biggest challenge is the pressure on healthcare staff: the enormous increase in the number of patients has led to a shortage of staff. AmbulanceNL approached us for support via our partner HealthValley.

The challenge: matching offer and demand

The national initiative offers a solution: former healthcare employees (such as retirees) can register via the website. RegioPlus employees match these registrations to healthcare institutions that have an urgent need for extra staff.

AmbulanceNL asked for Avisi's support in the development of the platform and we happily obliged by making some of our developers available for the cause.

Our approach

Due to the nature of the demand, we had to move fast. Upon receiving the request, two of our developers were ready to help out within two days. We offer technical support and work closely together with (the developers at) AmbulanceNL. Our developers help to build a platform that matches the healthcare supply and demand. For example, we are developing an import functionality to import existing Excel files. This creates a complete overview of all the people offering their services via


As of April 2020, more than 20,000 health workers have already registered on the platform. RegioPlus has started matching these employees to healthcare institutions and the first valuable results are being achieved.

Avisi is proud to contribute to such a fantastic initiative. We also want to express our appreciation for AmbulanceNL and Regioplus, who do a tremendous amount of work to support healthcare in the Netherlands! Read more on the website of our national government.

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