Developing a Blockchain app

Assignment type: App development
Client: Robeco

Robeco's issue related to the applicability of Blockchain technology in their organization. The goal of the project was to investigate the benefits of embedding this technology in their primary processes. Axionomic reached out to us to help Robeco answer these questions and to gain a better understanding of the benefits and complexity of Blockchain technology.


In collaboration with Axionomic and Robeco, we chose to implement Blockchain technology to automate an internal game about investing. In the game, employees are ranked based on the predictions they make about the stock market. Until the launch of the new app, predictions were made via e-mail and the scoreboard was in Excel. By automating this process, it would become less time-intensive and less prone to error.


We started this process by analyzing the requirements of realizing the Blockchain app. These requirements were collected through a Software Requirements Workshop. This outlined the desired user experience, both in the onboarding process and during the game. An example of this user experience is the simplicity of creating an account and a BlockchainID. This isn't usually an easy feat using Blockchain technology!

The advantage of using Blockchain technology for this app is the irrefutable registration of who made which prediction and when. This exponentially decreases the margin for error.

There are no manual steps to be taken after each prediction. This means that the use of the Blockchain app saves the game moderators a lot of time. The app automatically updates the predictions and creates a ranking that keeps track of live scores.


The biggest challenge in this project was finding the right way to implement the Blockchain technology for the intended purpose. It is tempting to set up a complex architecture to maximize the benefits of the technology. But this supersedes the goal and often makes the management and use of the app more complex. By doing extensive preliminary research, we were able to find a good balance between the complexity and overall user-friendliness of the app.

Another major challenge was the prevention of connective issues between servers. The information in a Blockchain app is stored on different servers. We took our time configuring the Blockchain properly so that the various servers and nodes communicate well in order to prevent problems in the future.

Tools and technologies

In the development of the game, in addition to using Blockchain technology to record information irrefutably, we also used the MoreApp platform. This platform is ideally suited to link data to users and has a simple user management system.


As a result, we have successfully automated a manual process for Robeco so that it has become less time-intensive and less prone to error. By recording the data in a Blockchain algorithm, this data is irrefutably fixed and it is always possible to trace where the data originated. In addition, Robeco has gained insight into both the complexity and the benefits of using Blockchain technology.

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