Our New Partnership With Gitlab

Lotje Euser op 23 July, 2020

We're happy and proud to announce our official partnership with Gitlab! As big fans of the tooling, we are super excited to join the Gitlab family and to be able to offer Gitlab products and services to our customers. Why Gitlab? The world of DevOps tooling is growing and developing and we see our customers' need for a perfect tool that...

Jira Service Desk - The best  practise workflow you should use

Kitty de Ruijter op 16 July, 2020

As Atlassian consultants, we've implemented numerous ITSM solutions, in varying degrees of complexity and for different types of businesses, for startups all the way to large enterprises. One of the most challenging parts of these implementations is often to map out all of the different organizational processes and then, to translate them...

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