How to: Document Type Classification with Artificial Intelligence

Erik Evers op 6 December, 2019

One of our customers has a problem: they have millions of unorganized documents that have not been digitized yet. This makes finding the right document very complicated. Here at Avisi Labs, we are working on a digital solution for this issue. Our solution makes it possible to search for documents (once they are digital) by adding metadata,...

Sharing insights from the Congres Content Marketing & Webredactie 2019

Remco van Iersel op 5 December, 2019

Knowledge sharing is an important part of our corporate identity. We share knowledge with colleagues because it enriches our company and it ensures that we get the best results in our projects. We also think it is important to share with the world (i.e. through blogs like this). Avisi employees regularly visit conferences in order to learn...

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