Passion, Quality & Results - Core Values of Avisi's High Performing Teams

Remco van Iersel op 12 March, 2019

Passion, quality & results. Whether it concerns the management team, the marketing team or software teams, these values are all over the place within Avisi. Embedding those values throughout the organisation already starts during the application process. Does the candidate show the passion to deliver best-fit software to customers? We find...

Everything You Need to Know About Kotlin Multiplatform

Coen Smid op 7 February, 2019

Kotlin is a programming language on the rise. Jetbrains, the brains behind this language, is putting a lot of time and effort in developing this language. Kotlin is already widely used for backend and Android applications and has excellent integration with Spring Boot. Kotlin is hot right now and has proven itself in practice. In both...

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