The inner machinations of artificial neural networks are an enigma

Erik Evers op 23 March, 2020

What if we were able to mimic the events inside our brains and use them to increase the capabilities of our computers? What if we could make these machines go through a learning process similar to children learning how to walk? Would you be surprised to know that this is actually possible? Artificial neural networks are inspired by our own...

Measures taken by Avisi with regard to the Corona virus

Lotje Euser op 13 March, 2020

Net zoals veel andere bedrijven volgt Avisi nauwlettend het advies van het RIVM over de maatregelen tegen het Corona virus, en we willen je in deze post meer vertellen over de besluiten die wij hebben genomen met betrekking tot onze dienstverlening. Read our English version below.

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